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Default a little clearer...

Originally Posted by MeredithBay View Post
No, of course we didn't make the waitress pay. In the end the money wasn't the issue, it was the fact that you order something and get charged for something similar, but that you didn't order.

Actually Overlake97 i said "we felt like we were overcharged for drinks and appetizers". What I am saying is the appetizer portions were tiny and expensive, and a pitcher of sangria was cheaper by the glass than by the pitcher, which we thought was unusual.

Be a sceptic if you would like, but I have never had something like this happen to me at a restaurant period.
While I'm sure your experience was poor, as were many written about on this board, and they should have adjusted your bill, the situation is now a bit clearer for the rest of us. It would seem (as you never mention it in your last post) that "baked stuffed" was indeed served, as opposed to the ordered "fried".
While this does not excuse the poor attitude of the manager, it at least would explain his behavior. Baked stuffed came out, was eaten, and he wanted it paid for. I still agree with you however. The bill should have been adjusted.
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