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Originally Posted by Top-Water View Post
Speaking of __it or should I say water quality, how about $270 from you after you feed the geese and ducks with your famous boxes of Cheez-It's and they can test the water around your place. As mentioned Strictly for testing purposes. just one goose, named Canada, who has shown up for the last six years from last week of March thru first week of May ..... while he lounges about, keeping one eye on his nesting mate ..... she sits on the nest about 150-yds away on Horse Island.

Canada tells me he likes the Cheez-it originals in the $4-family box from Walmart, best!

Whenever any foreign geese get within 200-yards of Horse Island, Canada goes into high alert, starts honking, and goes into fighter air attack mode and shoos away the incoming goose or geese .... he is all powered up by Cheez-its original .... which will float .... and can be tossed 40-feet like a Frisbee.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!
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