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Originally Posted by Major View Post
There are as many "go fast be loud" boats on the lake as there has ever been. And believe it or not, they go over 45 mph, but are more discrete about it. I disagree with the notion that the recession/depression of 2009-2016 did not impact the number of boats on the lake. It did. Look at the lake this past week! I've NEVER seen it so crowded, now that we have a robust economy.

Also, I disagree that safety wasn't the overriding concern for the new law. Go back and read the articles - it was ALL about safety. And guess what, having a speed limit has not contributed to improved safety one iota. The out-of-stater legislators in Concord (transplants from other states) capitalized on a tragedy, and now we are stuck with this foolish law. This is yet another example of value systems from other states creeping into NH's Live Free or Die value system, and it sucks.

And by the way, I've been boating on the lake for over 40 years. My dad owned a boat that did 90, and my family I enjoyed every second of it. He was responsible, like most people with fast boats, and the pinky's up crowd had to take it away be cause it was too fast and too loud. Whaaaa!
Good point...I too have never seen the lake so crowded, one more reason that our present speed limit makes such good sense. But safety was only one facet of why the SL drew such support from such a large proportion of the citizens of NH who own the lake. And the WinnFabs site listed them all. It truly was unpleasant as per my I-93 median strip analogy. And this is why so many other lakes (Lake George for example) have speed limits.
As far as speeders being "more discreet" that must indeed be true because where we live the difference from before is phenomenal. If the SL made these boaters "more discrete" than that's just one more reason to applaud the 45/25 SL. And speaking of 45/25, if our present law were ever challenged in Concord I would urge WinnFABS to respond in kind with a bill to amend the SL to that of Squam, 40/20. As noted the lake is getting more and more crowded as are many other lakes all over the state. NH needs a state wide SL. And by the way, please review the Lake's Region Legislators who were NH natives who supported the law. There were plenty of them.
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