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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Hmmm...interesting. I wonder if a tower is getting worked on or that the influx of people to the area is taxing the network.

There's also the real possibility that it's just more people using their phones to stream video/multimedia on the network rather than WiFi. My nephews both keep their WiFi connections off so there's no "disturbance" to their service and end up using ridiculous amounts of data rather than getting off the network whenever possible.

That's the trade-off when offering "unlimited," right?

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I also thought the tower was undergoing some type of upgrade or repair, maybe 5G upgrade? After one of my last phone conversations with AT&T (a manager this time), they told me they sent a technician to the tower and found nothing wrong. Okay, why didn't he or she come to my house and evaluate the signal?
Anyway, it was at this point I gave up wasting time on the phone with them. I can only believe that it's congestion and as you mentioned maybe streaming this year has increased enough to put that tower over the edge.
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