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Originally Posted by bobkatfly View Post
Here in Tuftonboro we've had AT& T for many years. Where I live there is no high speed cable service available. We've talked to all of them over the years and they won't bring a line up to us. Same with DSL and I haven't heard a good word on satellite (Hughes etc.). So, we've relied on cell service using the phone as a hot spot for laptop and other devices as I was working from home often.
Up until this year service was acceptable. This year service went down the drain. Talked to CS about 6 times and they went through the standard cue card advice and did some reset on their end. Service got better for a few days max then down the drain again. After awhile it was apparent that service in the early morning hours and during weekdays was better than later in the day and weekends. We have a direct line of sight to the towers near Gunstock and using a couple apps confirmed we were pulling from that tower. Still little or no service.
Definitely fits the description of de-prioritization. Doesn't appear to a good solution in the near future for any carrier.
Which plan through AT&T do you have? We have a prepaid plan, so other than VMNOs, we are the first to be deprioritized. If we had one of the higher end postpaid unlimited plans, we would *probably* have perfect service.

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