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I agree. Verizon service in the Ossipee area has been terrible this summer.

Originally Posted by Cresent Lake View Post
When we first obtained our Verizon service for cell phones in the lakes region, the service as great. We used to laugh at our friends with AT&T and how they had to walk around trying to get at least ''one bar" for reception. I guess the 'shoe is on the other foot" now. AT&T seems to have better service and Verizon has been dropping. Over the past few months,. I have had multiple calls dropped in areas that never used to have issues. Sorry Verizon - Its not my phone - have a new MotoG phone. So what gives? What have you (Verizon) done (or not done) to cause service to be soo bad lately? Seriously can not recommend anyone buy a Verizon package in the lakes region until service improves! (Especially in Wolfeboro and Ossipee areas )
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