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Originally Posted by baygo View Post
LOL... parents canít get kids to clean their room, teachers canít get kids to do their homework, what are the chances of an employer getting the kids to deliver excellence?

Sometime around 150 years ago Abner Doubleday created a game called baseball. He paid a small group of talented man to play. Time went on and they televise the game. As a young boy I watched and idolize these players and spent a lot of time in the backyard throwing a ball with my brother. We dreamed of one day earning the big salaries that those baseball players were paid to have fun. Neither one of us ever saw that paycheck.

About a week ago 40 million people were playing the game Fortnite. One got a paycheck for $250,000. 39,999,999 of them stayed home with empty pockets. This is the new dream for that younger generation and it is their argument to their parents. Ēlet me practice this in my room and I can make millions instead of busing tables and make hundredsĒ

Those who know me well have always labeled me a strong forecaster. I make my plans based on my forecast of the future opposed to my understanding of the past.
Bingo! And I donít mean playing professional bingo BTW
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