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Originally Posted by Bigstan View Post
Ahh, that makes a lot more sense. So you're targeting someone like me for example, a year or so away from retirement but wondering how to fill the next 40 or so years.

That makes things more interesting. If 200k is a real # I would trim the partners down to say 3 or 4, maybe even 1 or 2, and make sure everyone has similar ideas on how things are done. A couple of cooks in the kitchen (hehe) with equal skin in the game is a safer approach than 10 would be.
I'm a year away from retirement also. I don't know what would possess someone wanting to do this.
You can go get a part time job with no head aches and no demands on your time and probably make as much money too.
Besides that, with 2 houses and a half dozen toys, I have plenty to keep me busy.
Maybe that's just me? 50 years of hard labor and I'm well done, take me off the grill please!
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