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Default Successful Restaurant Guaranteed?

It recently came to my attention that an established Lakes Region restaurant is for sale. I speculate that the primary reason is because of the current labor shortage in the region. The reality of this labor shortage is the number one reason I could be certified insane if I were to purchase the restaurant. That being said; after giving it thought, I came up with a strategy that eliminates the need for hired help and intern can fulfill a lifelong desire for eight individuals who wish to one day own a restaurant. I will list all the benefits to this strategy that I can think of and in turn ask the forum to dig deep into the depth of pessimism to point out the negatives.

1. The eight owners would partner with Leslie and I and therefore benefit from our experience in the business.
2. The restaurant requires a team of eight to run it. With a team of 10 this will reduce the time commitment for each and allow for scheduling of vacation time and sick days.
3. Instead of risking 100% of the purchase price ($200,000) each partner is risking only 10% ($20,000) of the purchase price.
4. No employees means no mediocre effort consequently providing a better service and product to the guest. Everybody has a vested interest.
5. No employees means less waste.
6. No employees means that all tips can go into a pool to be shared by the partners.

OK forum, please do what you do best. Bring forward your best armchair restaurateurs and tear it up.

Thank You
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