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Originally Posted by Major View Post
I disagree. A police officer or marine patrol officer would not consider this criminal behavior, but instead a civil dispute. The only recourse the OP has is to go back to court with evidence showing a violation of the court order. This isn't necessarily as simple as it appears. Contempt violations are very difficult to prove.

The issue here is respect and a violation of boundaries. When I wrote my original post, I did not know that there was a history between the OP and the neighbor. Had I known that there was already a court order in place, I most definitely would have untied his boat. The OP is dealing with a bully, and as my mother taught me at a young age, you punch a bully in the nose. He doesn't respect the OP nor any of his rights. The neighbor (and his son) aren't interested in discussing the issue. I realize the boat may cause damage if untied, but the risk is probably pretty low and one that I would be willing to take. It may seem irresponsible to some, but I am not going to let anyone violate my personal property and space. As someone noted above, bullies take advantage of people trying to be nice and act reasonable. With this neighbor, the next thing you know he's on your property and treating it as his own.

That said, no one enjoys confrontation, but sometimes a stand needs to be made. I am sorry the OP had to deal with this. To go through the effort of obtaining a court order shows what he's been through. Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions.
Hate to tell you, but violation of a court order is a criminal offense.

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