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Originally Posted by Major View Post
Life, I think you missed the OP's follow up. "I have followed up with the Laconia PD. They suggest that at the present time this is a civil matter. If I want to pursue this I would need to go back to court, ugly."

This is a civil, not criminal matter. The police and marine patrol will not want to be involved.
If the Laconia PD, isn't willing to follow up, then there is a problem, or Trespassing is some how just a civil infraction in NH.

Given the situation, I would suggest skipping over the Laconia PD, and next try the Marine Patrol... As Jurisdictional wise, they probably have the Jurisdiction, as it involves the State Water Way....

If the Marine Patrol will not deal with it... Then its time to call the State Representative for the Town, and sit down with them....

While the infraction may now be dealt with... As a homeowner you and have to have a avenue to resolve what is a criminal transgression, by your neighbor.... I understand the Laconia PD stand point, as often these issues will just resolve them selves.... Which is why it is important to report it to them, so the incident, and future incidents are logged.

Would I want my neighbor to go to jail, most certainly not... Would I like to have their boat safely removed from my property yes.... So I suppose in this light you could just call Sea Tow, and maybe they would come remove the vehicle.....
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