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I am astounded by the responses. So the OP is supposed to take a day out of work, hire an attorney, and essentially re-litigate an issue that was already resolved in his favor. I've been involved in several contempt of court issues. It's not as easy as taking a photograph of the boat and saying the neighbor violated the court's order. You basically have to start from scratch. It's a very, very frustrating process.

I am also astounded by how easily people want to give away another person's property, all for maintaining an appearance of being a "good neighbor." Who's behavior is causing the issue? The OP or the neighbor? So if I have an extra dock slip, I should let my neighbor use it without permission so I can appear virtuous? Does this apply to excess parking spaces? To extra vehicles? Where does it end? It is the neighbor in this instance who broke the trust. He is not entitled to an ounce of mercy or grace in this situation.
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