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Originally Posted by MeEscape View Post
IMHO, this thread exemplifies what is wrong in our society today.

Someone comes late to the party and uses a dock that they don’t have a “right” to use. Then they are, maybe, a bit slow or lazy at moving the boat away.

Immediately the discussion goes to “MY rights” and then to most every suggestion short of blowing the boat out of the water. My guess is that could be coming soon. Sounds like a great neighborhood!

There appears to be some sort of history with a prior owner/generation, but I suspect whoever left the boat at the dock was simply, at best, moving slow or just on a different schedule than others.

Maybe, just work it out without the dramatics!
This is one of those trolling attempts right? I mean I can never tell. I get asked some pretty incredible questions all the time and well it's my job to answer them so I always assume the person asking is serious but in this case this is a joke, right?
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