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Originally Posted by Outdoorsman View Post
Let me remind you of how ish works in "real life".....

You set a boat adrift because you are entitled...... Then this.....
I don't get your point. In this instance, a not-so-neighborly neighbor is treating the OP's personal property as his own. He is impinging the OP's rights as a property owner. The OP did nothing wrong and merely wanted to quietly enjoy HIS property. In the two cases you referenced, persons high on alcohol and drugs, respectively, criminally killed several people while operating a motor vehicle. I think it is the height of hyperbole and an exaggeration to suggest that an untied boat could create such a danger, especially when the owner of the boat has notice of it being untied.

For the record, if it was my neighbor, of course I would let him use the slip in case of emergency or a last minute need. I get along great with my neighbors because I respect their rights and the respect mine. This is not the case in this thread. The OP HAD TO GO TO COURT TO ENFORCE HIS RIGHTS! Am I the only one that finds this completely unacceptable?! I would not give an inch to that neighbor. His behavior changes everything.
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