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Originally Posted by Water Camper View Post
We have had issues with his parents who actually own the property nextdoor. We own the water front. Went to court and established a court order which denies their right to tie up to our dock. Property has not been used in years. The son came up yesterday with numerous friends and 2 boats. They came in late last evening. They tied 1 boat to my dock. Trying to be hospitable I allowed them to keep the boat overnight but it needed to be removed in the morning. 8:00 am arrived and no activity next door. Took pictures then woke up my neighbor and reminded him of our conversation. He said he would move boat soon. Waited an hour and went back over and said the boat needs to be moved immediately. He has finally moved the boat.
I have given him a copy of the court order.

Why on earth are you discussing this in an open forum?

You have a court order.... Hospitality did not work...

Your Right is to contact the courts and let them know the neighbor is in violation.

I get what you are trying to do (keep the peace), but from what you are writing here, Enough already is what I would do.
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