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Default The "Me" Generation?

Originally Posted by Hillcountry View Post
So tying up to your dock without permission is responsible?
People, especially the “me generation” which this sounds like it was, push their limits because they usually face no consequences.

The "Me" Generation is most closely tied to the Baby Boomers, less so to the Millenials. Assuming you meant the Millenials.... In any event, I wouldn't tie this to a generation, but rather to someone who feels entitled, shows a lack of judgment, is willing to openly trespass on their neighbor. We can find that type of person in any generation.

We have been discussing "rights", which can become litigious. Might also want to approach this asking what's "fair." The two are often at odds with each other, but, I think, it forces a more considered - not necessarily easier - approach.
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