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In Plymouth, do a google search for 'Flip'n Furniture-Bridge House' and also for 'ReStore-Habitat for Humanity' ....... both retail stores have trucks to do removals along with a very friendly and helpful crew of three former geriatric psychiatrist volunteers ..... known as 'the three stooges'..... who will haul and load all your donated furniture, refrigerator and dining room table w/ chairs .....out and onto their big truck ..... asap-pdq ...... hut-ho-hut ...... Flip'n is mostly for furniture ..... Restore is more for kitchen appliances .... like a working, usable refrigerator in good shape or a sink, dishwasher, stove, kitchen island, bath tub, bathroom sink, clothes washer & dryer, air conditioner that works.

Also, there is 'Ladder's' .....a huge clothing and house hold items, second hand store, on Main St, Plymouth, next to Rite Aid, which is a partner with Flip'n Furniture.
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