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What size anchor could have actually held that huge wind-driven box of a "structure"?

A "SEA-anchor" would have delayed their inevitable "landing".

Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
On its BEST day the Dive can't go faster than 5MPH..... They usually cruise at 4 MPH as they get way better fuel economy. So the claims of faster than "headway speed" are ludicrous! Perhaps it was a mechanical failure of some sort? (Their engine woes were well documented here last year). The Mount and its sisters have also had mechanical issues...
Perhaps it was a storm/wind issue... Either way, it will eventually all come out. Be happy nobody was hurt, nothing but the Dive was damaged (if there even was any damage those barges are pretty rugged). Woodsy
"Wind and storm issues".

Yup, beyond the control of the captain.
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