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Woodsy, thanks for reaching out to the owners of the Dive....

Sounds like they where trying to do the right thing, and seek shelter from the storm. But ran into some complications. Spuds are great by they do indeed have to be long enough to reach bottom.

As for anchors as others have suggested, yes they would be a good idea. But remember they have to be sizable enough to do something. Which in the case of the Dive, may mean something big enough that it is not going to be something someone can manually move around, and thus the Dive would need to be redesigned to support.

The Dive at best is an experiment. There are going to be flaws that become obvious over time. And hopefully the commitment of the owners will be such that they will work to make improvements, and who knows may start work on a DIVE II....

I give them credit for their ambition. I think People need to relax, and not jump to conclusions. I doubt very much, that the Dive, wants to put anyone or their property at risk. They I would believe are doing the best they can. As I have mentioned in other threads, the vessel is under powered, that is difficulty #1... I am sure re-propping has helped. But ultimate a vessel that size doesn't need Horse Power, it needs Torque, I think there best bet is to look for an auxiliary Tug, to move the vessel around... But that does cost $$$, and I am sure they are just hoping to get out from under all the start up costs they have had at this point......
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