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Exclamation ...... what, NO ANCHOR?

Should a Lake Winnipesaukee party barge have a regular anchor and anchor line on board or go with the two 20' long tree trunks, known as spuds positioned up front? Knowing what they now know about using their two spuds up front, seems The Dive wants to have an appropriate anchor and anchor line for windy situations and the like. After all it is a large barge, size 24' x 62", weighing a whole heck of a lot of weight, so seems the Marine Patrol should recommend it go get an anchor ..... all things considered.

All across the lake, it is very common for the lake bottom to be irregular in depth and covered with many rocks and small boulders of irregular size, so having two large wood spuds up front and an appropriate anchor and anchor line on the stern would be three points of stability, and make for a better grip on the lake bottom as needed due to wind and weather.

If a barge similar in size to The Dive was used by the Coast Guard, Navy or Army Corps of Engineers for some type of barge, construction work, would it be equipped with an anchor? Most likely, yes, me-thinks(?) or else it would be accompanied by a tender boat, something like a tug boat, that does have a suitable anchor.
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