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Default I just asked what happened....

Lovethelake..... I did just that! I reached out to the owners of the Dive, I know them to be pretty nice people. This was their reply....

"So the real story is, we were just seeking shelter from the storm, it wasnít that bad but with the winds gusting we could barely power through the waves at just over headway speed, about 4 mph. With the gusting winds we decided it would be best to seek shelter in a cove and to wait out the storm. So we drove into the cove by Smith Point. We were absolutely under control. We were at least 25í off of shore and dropped our spuds to wait out the storm. Unfortunately, our front spud got caught in the rocky terrain, our rear spud was unable to reach as it was way deeper than 16í.., so we spun to a point where the the front spud was slightly tweaked. This was a problem and we quickly solved with tools on board for such a problem.

In the meantime, a woman and her husband came out to her dock to hurl profanities at us in front of 16 old children. Saying and I quote ď Are you fuc@$ng kidding meĒ ď get the fu$& out of hereĒ (We have this on video) I promptly called the MP, to advise them of our situation (seeking shelter in the cove and the people acting like jerks) I for one would ALWAYS offer to help anyone in a storm situation... not yell obscenities!

Ultimately the marine patrol and a state police officer came to see me and them at my request because of the obscenities that were being hurled ( which we have recorded). We were told by the MP that we did absolutely nothing wrong and that the miserable people yelling were told they donít own the lake. Even the MPís had to take shelter which they also told us.

For the record...

A) We donít anchor.. we donít even carry anchors. We spud.

B) Iíve never ever been over 5.5 MPH, so I have no idea how in high headway winds we could have been traveling in a unsafe speed.

The haters and the liars who have trying their hardest to hurt us make me laugh as they have absolutely nothing better to do in their pathetic boring lives but to start lies and smear campaigns because they are miserable human beings.

And if anyone thinks Iím lying, feel free to look at the police report."

They sent a pic that I have attached.

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