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To the person who posted that the Dive had dropped anchor to take safe harbor... please get your facts correct before you post. Were your there? I was.

I have no feeling for the Dive either way. However, I watched the entire event from a few doors down. The truth is there was no anchor dropped. The barge rammed into the rocks after coming straight in to Smith Point at a surprisingly fast rate of speed. It was obvious to anyone who was there to witness it, that the captain did not have command of the Dive. Regardless of the reason - it ran aground and just missed a boathouse. If the captain had control and was truly seeking safe harbor, Glidden Cove was wide open. This would have been a better option for safety rather than crashing into rocks in someones waterfront. After it was pulled out by another boat, it sat between Sleepers and Smith Point for a while. I saw two jets skis circling around like they were trying to help.

Today’s Posts make a good point about how hard it is to navigate a barge on the lake and I believe it. After watching this calamity last night, it convinced me that the only time I would ever go on the Dive is when it is securely tied up to a dock.

Based on how the barge hit the rocks, there had to be damage and that may be why they were closed today. Or perhaps they all just wanted to enjoy a beautiful day on the lake.
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