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Default There's 5G And Then There's 5G

Originally Posted by Wifi-1 View Post
-> LTE-A is a higher speed LTE, it is not 5G.

-> The "brain rotting" will happen (allegedly) when they start using (much higher) GHz freqs.
The millimeter wave bands for 5G are unlikely to be deployed here anytime in the near-to-middling future. As mentioned in another comment, 3G networks will start being phased out starting at the end of the year. 5G will subsume the the existing 3G/4G bands and make use of the new 3.7GHz band. The new coding/spectrum use formats will make more efficient use of the available bands. Much of 5G will exist there.

The new millimeter wave bands have very limited coverage, will require between 5 and 20 times the number of cell sites to provide similar coverage realized on the lower bands, and a lot of optical fiber to connect them all together. That makes sense in urban areas and thickly settled suburbs, but not out here. The customer density is a money loser.
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