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After a lot of playing around, I picked up a used Samsung S8 on Swappa on the recommendation of a former student who is into tech. Supposedly, Motorola's phones' antennas/modems aren't as high quality as they once were (Lenovo buyout).

I received the new (used) S8 yesterday and have had consistent service.

Verizon's map shows white on the edges of the lake, we're only a couple hundred feet away as the crow flies, so it makes sense that the signal is a bit weaker where I am.

It would appear that the better antennas in the S8 do a better job than the G5S+ I had. It's a shame, though, because I really like the G phones, and I can't stand financing/paying for expensive devices.

The S8 I got was practically new--no usage marks at all, and cost $208.

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