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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Just a note that I called Verizon from camp last night when I was getting horrible service--dropped a few calls for the first time in forever.

They instructed me to: power down, pull SIM, reinsert SIM, wait 5 minutes, power up. Since doing that, I've had MUCH better service. Before, I was dropping calls and losing Spotify every few seconds. Now I can post updates on Winni forum from my toilet!

Anyone explain what changed and if I'll have to do this every time I come up?

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Sounds to me like it was Verizon's way to force a PRL update. You should be all set until the next time (lol...the PRL updates).

Verizon and US Cellular are roaming partners, just another variable to mix in, meaning you could have been on a USC tower and that is where the problem lies OR your new PRL added a USC tower and that is what improved your particular location.
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