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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Sooo...why don't I get great service at Hanson Cove?

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This is going to take a little bit of work. I don't have Verizon, but I fixed up the map so the towers are where they should be. Look at the following page:

In particular:
Verizon Wireless 3G : 850 MHz, Band 0 (CDMA). 1900 MHz PCS, Band 1 (CDMA). 4G : 700 MHz Block C, Band 13 (LTE). 1900 MHz PCS, Band 1 (1xRTT/ EV-DO/ eHRPD). 1900 MHz PCS, Band 2 (LTE). 1700/ 2100 MHz AWS, Band 4 (LTE).

Does your phone support ALL of these ?

Download the app to your phone, get an account (it's free) and leave it running as you drive around. It will show you what towers/freq you are connecting to in real time. (have someone else drive or watch the screen) Where are you, or are you not, connecting to? While you have the app scanning, you are contributing to their database. You can also load:

Select provider (USA/Verizon), the map starts over in Africa, so you will have to reposition, lol. This will produce the above map showing the (corrected) towers. Between what your phone plots and what the map shows, should be able to figure out what you are missing. Say, the northwest sector of the neck tower. Besides fixing Verizon's towers, I have also done TMobile for the area. A Red tower is a computed location and a Green tower is one someone has located (hopefully) correctly.

While you are at it, there is another nice app, Network Signal Info(pro) (KAIBITS), similar to the above, but you will have to initially move the towers to the correct location yourself.


This should be the start of the discovery of what is going wrong. Connecting to the tower off Mt Rowe? (lol), that could be the problem. It is also a fun, educational tool to the marvel of what is happening in that little box of yours.

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