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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Thanks for the clarification--if that tower is there, any idea why I get horrible service in Hanson Cove, just north?

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Sorry, had some local problems, back to your answer. I corrected the cell tower locations for Verizon in NH, see the attached image.

There are three Vzn towers in Mboro, one behind A&B lumber, their sectors cover rt 25 from Center harbor to Fox hollow. The second is on the rise across from Fox hollow on Rt 25, that covers from Greens to the Sandwich line, Rt 25 only. There is nothing on Red Hill. Caution here, the fire tower is owned by LRCT which won't allow commercial use, the RH tower is on a lower ridge east of the fire tower and sheltered by the ridge looking out towards MBoro neck, so it is great looking into Sandwich, but not Mboro. Curious point, there are no providers on that tower that aim sectors to Sandwich, lol.

So, the third and main tower is at 781 Mboro neck road, which is the old Bell System microwave tower which relayed from Laconia. It is obvious as you drive down there. Looking at the attached (corrected) map, Hanson cove is covered by three sectors: Green, Pink and White (or more, considering where you exactly where you consider the definition). From the description of these sectors (can't determine the color on the map and relate it), the sectors that face west are: West 288 degrees 700Mhz & W 288 Degrees, 1.9GHz. The defined sectors don't really match the map, but it is crowd sourced based on samples from cell phones in the area.

Notice the only one that really counts on penetration is the 700Mhz; the 1.9G is like your wifi router (lower band), you really wouldn't expect much penetration. The other thing is these are what Verizon CAN transmit on and don't necessarily have to be (due to maintenance, or what ever). Would be great if they took the other two towers and added antennas, but it is all economies.

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