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Default compared verizon with spectrum

I went through an analysis of leaving Verizon for Spectrum mobile since I had Spectrum for internet and cable (and phone but I never use it as we need a landline to connect to our security system). Wish I could drop the land line but the extra equipment the security company would need to install would not pay back for 2.5 years).

So back to Verizon wireless vs. Spectrum. I was about to switch our two phones for the 4 gig plan (4x$14/g x 2 phones). I called Verizon back one last time and said I was about to switch and they told me about the 55+yr plan mentioned above. Decided to stay with Verizon but saved about $35/month over what I was previously paying Verizon. Amazing that they don't advertise this plan since NH is the third oldest state in age.
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