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So...I posted above that the answer is always Verizon, but I'm hearing a lot of talk--and experiencing myself--of Verizon's service being very much reduced this last year.

I posted on I Boat looking for feedback, and there were a few takeaways:
1. Verizon is working on tower changes to eliminate 3G and replace with 4G and 5G, but there's little info on timeline or progress.

2. T-Mobile is 50/50. Some people have said it's awesome (and their map shows great coverage), others say there are too many dead spots.

3. ATT seems to be the next best service.

My Verizon has been weak at camp, and there have been days I can't use it at all--this started last summer/fall, which stinks because for 20 years, I've not had an issue (including camp).

Thoughts welcome.

PS A former student of mine found a map that shows a (the only?) 5G tower being tested on Moultonborough Neck. Screenshot attached. Also, some info out there about 5G rotting brains.
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