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Originally Posted by The Real BigGuy View Post
Made my first trip to the island today. Unfortunately, one of the fingers of my crib dock has been pushed up at the outer end. Didnít measure it but looks like the two lake ends of the fingers are closer that the inner ends. Outer end of the fingers are in 18 to 20 frog water so Iím not fixing myself. Any suggestions on who to call to discuss repair?
As SAB1 suggests, are these pilings on a crib dock , a repair might not arrive in time to affect your boating, and what is "frog water"?

Every winter, the ice "adjusts" my dock. It's annoying to look at, but I live with what is only "pushed" a little. Should your repair occur late in this year's boating season (or after ), next winter's ice may force a follow-up repair next season, and you'll wonder why you bothered.

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