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Post While in Santa Maria

Fred worked and was an extreamly talented heavy Truck mecanic and he worked at the same Trucking Co. as my Dad, and was also amung the very few that could back double ttrailer combinations without unhooking them into the loading docks.

Many prayers were said when Fred thought that it was time for him to serve our Country and enlisted into the Marine Corps and after boot camp served on Okinawa as a Sergeant in the Motor Pool of his unit and taught Automotive Carburetion and Ignition. He mailed me the study text & tests, I'd mail him back the tests for him to grade, then he wrote me back saying that I was in the top 99% of the classes.
May I add, that my oldest brother Fred and I were always pretty close. He taught me how to drive a car in a local State Park back when I was six years old in his 1934 Chevy, with wooden blocks on the brake, clutch and gas peddles, so that my feet could reach them while I was also sitting on cushions so's I could see out the windshield just above the defroster vents. By the time I got to be 6.5, I could drive that car anywhere.

And, back in them days I never considered sewing the town for building the sidewalks too close to my butt either.

Sister Doņa helping the sergeant load, and I didn't want my Brother to go.
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Always Remember, The Best Safety Device In The Boat, or on a PWC Snowmobile etc., Is YOU!

Safe sledding tips and much more;

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