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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Ok .... as seen ten minutes ago, from the Shep Brown boat launch, the lake there is all clogged up with gray, yucky ice from Sheps out to Bear Island, in both directions.

As seen from the Y-Landing docks, viewed from Pine Island to Bear Island, and from Pine Island north toward Centre Harbor, is all clogged up with gray ice.

From the Y-Landing docks to Pine Island and to the nearby island with the large A-frame house, is all open water.

And from Rock Island, the ice line has moved south getting to just about one hundred yards north of Cattle Landing.

Meanwhile, in the last ten minutes , the wind has noticeably picked up, and today's weather indicates more windy breezes, so that could do impact on all this gray slushy ice.

After going slushy, ice loses its' buoyancy and sinks before it totally melts, so it's a combination of melting, absorbing water, going slushy, and sinking while going from winter white to yucky gray. The strong elastic winter white ice, made during the deep freeze, expands to 110% of its' liquid volume, which is why this ice will float on the surface. As it melts and mixes with water, it reaches a condition where it will no longer remain buoyant, and it sinks.
So my soon to be son-in-lawn has coined the term "Lescar-fact". Since our last name is Lescarbeau, a Lescar-fact is a False Fact said with such aplomb and confidence that anyone who didn't know any better would be convinced of its veracity when in fact it is spurious. It is a false fact! I am famous for them.

While I am admittedly unsure, this strikes me as a Lescar-fact!
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