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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
I'm no expert, but that seems incredible to me. If cell service were long range, we would only need an antenna on top[ of Mount Washington to serve ME, NH and VT, right?

Right. There are some limits. Physics and the fact that radio wave propagation intensity falls off as a factor of 1/R squared, R being the distance from your phone to the cell tower.

Ok a tower on top of Martha could broadcast at a few mega watts and have the vast number of receivers and computational power and spectrum allocation (not likely) to handle tens of thousands of calls at a time. And what about your "hand held" cell phone being able to transmit voice and data for a hundred plus miles? If your current phone is good for 10 miles, it would take 100 times the transmit power from your phone to be good at 100 miles. Now a 20 lb battery pack is possible I guess as long as you could recharge a few times a day..............
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