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Default Rewards are unreliable

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Gotcha, thanks! Tapatalk is sometimes limiting, but it's nice having all my forums on one app. (Though recently it's gotten wonky with rewards and other junk)
Rewards can be nice, but I hesitate to sign up because they can change at any time. I'd rather see just a lower price. I seem to recall when people had two phones, one for home, one for camp because of erratic coverage. It's nice now that most systems have good coverage and we now can easily switch companies, for a better price. And we seem to be getting away from the two+ year contract. I'll be switching to Xfinity for cell phones. Switching landlines saved about $80 month. The cell change will save about $40. I'm close to giving up cable TV and just using Roku, but I haven't given up on watching live local government/school TV yet and that's not available on Roku. Maybe the next elections will change that?
I recall from last summer that cell phone service is still pretty spotty in the WMNF and adjacent hiking areas. I don't think that will change as there isn't a population base to support new towers. Someday we'll get away from all these towers and just go satellite.
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