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Apparently, the Vet's camps used to be quite colorful, and beautiful architectural examples. Some were not maintained and pavilions, dance floors etc were all razed and in the 50's the remaining buildings were all painted drab gray using war surplus paint. Been drab ever since. I agree that this could be an honorarium to Vets and an attraction to the public if redeveloped properly. Really need to expand the concept of the Weir so that we don't think of it as just 500 yards on one side of one street. A funicular going up the hill right by the Vet's HQ would open up a huge area to pedestrians that right now is mostly inaccessible. The question is what sort of incentive would it take for the current owners who seem to be making money, to re-direct their business plan? Maybe it isn't the job of the City to do this, but it is their job to provide a business friendly environment that will generate tax revenues, IMHO.
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