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Originally Posted by Bigstan View Post
I am 100% correct. $6.95 a slice I believe for a super-combo slice. + Tax is $15 and change for two slices. x2 is $30

Meat lovers and chicken/broccoli slices in this case. There were multiple whole bacon strips on meat lovers slice, which made me get it. Not bad tasting, but yes 4 slices was $30+

It's beyond insane. Yelp reviews complain the same pricing and 1 star reviews are all they have. I don't remember it being this way in the past, I guess this is an example of juicing the customers you still have.

If you like you can go try for yourself, if you like bacon you may walk away a winner...
No thank you I will pass. Sorry for the question. I now understand because they are not just regular plain slices. Still a lot of money and I generally do not eat pizza often in the area as most of it is just not that good with a few exceptions.
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