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The cooler saga is over!
Went over to Ocean State Job Lots to find a couple of clothes storage bins to keep my hunting clothes in along with some evergreen boughs to keep my scent down...especially being the owner of a clingy, Springer!
Anyway, going around the first corner are some blue/white coolers and they were the Coleman Extreme 5 day jobbies. I had looked at one at Bass Pro the other day and they didn’t look any different than my old cheapo Coleman. Thin walls and all. Well, these have much thicker walls with the “reduced volume” look inside just like the expensive ones. Price tag: $39.99 made my mind up for me as the ones at BPS we’re almost 70 bucks! Heck... my cooler search is done.
Even better, it rang up at the register for $27.99!!!
Thanks all!
PS: There are a half dozen more there if anyone wants a deal!
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