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Default Island life or campgrounds that are remote

Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Somehow I have managed all my life without needing a four day cooler.

No Yetti's (plastic or otherwise) for me.

The Igloo Marine cooler I use for fishing keeps ice all day and cost me very little at WalMart.

I like it because it is light in weight and the top hinge cannot break.

One can buy a lot of other stuff with Yetti money.

My son put a Yetti sticker on his Igloo cooler so it wouldn't picked on at cooler camp.
I would agree that at my family gathering on any given Saturday, where I live 5 minutes or so from a place to buy ice, I don't need a $200+ cooler.

Now, if I spent my weekends on an island or at a campground out in the boondocks, rather than make a trip to get ice every day, I would probably find this to be a worthwhile purchase. In fact, in our tent trailer camping days, I think we would have made such a purchase. We did spend some serious money, at the time, for s Coleman cooler with metal exterior construction. Did a pretty good job. Oh, and it did have a bottle opener as part of one handle frame. Still have it, still use it for those all day gatherings.

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