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Me too! With all the “coolah hoopla” these days I was thinking of upgrading to something “better” than my cheapo Coleman and igloo ones.
Before going out fishing, I always stop at Cumberland and buy one bag of ice for the day in case I catch anything.
The last time it wasn’t even a half day before the ice was just water with only 2 fish in the cooler and I had to buy another bag for the ride home. I know, buy more than one bag and problem solved. Why not have something a bit more insulating than than what I have?
Trouble is nowadays there are a thousand choices! Still, there are reasonably priced coolers out there that will be leaps and bounds better than mine.
Thanks all for the suggestions...I think I have enough to make a decision!
I’ll post what I end up with.
Also, there is no all-fired rush to buy one either...
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