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Default Think I saw one

I watched a very large cat with a long tail catch a rodent on my golf course today. I was 87yds away with my sand wedge in hand while eyeing up a shot to the hole which was 5yds left of the cat. Moments after I noticed the cat, it noticed me. The cat just sat there staring at me with the rodent in its mouth.

I hit my golf shot and lost sight of the cat as I walked down the decline from the tee. I regained sight of the cat as I climbed the incline to the green when about 50yds from the cat. The cat sighted me and bolted into a small nearby cluster of vegetation. I would estimate the cat to be about 45 or 50lbs.

I finished playing the hole and then spoke in the direction of the cluster. "Welcome, you've found a great place. There is a lot of easy pray here. Help me out and get rid of the moles"
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