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Originally Posted by pressman247 View Post
Was driving across Rt. 25 day before yesterday in the no-mans land between Moultonborough and Tamworth and believe I saw a young mountain lion. I initially thought it was a Canadian Lynx, as it was too big to be a bobcat, but I got a good look at the tail as it headed into the woods and it was much too long to be a bobcat or a lynx. It was much too big to be a house cat. Has anyone else seen any mountain lions in our neck of the woods?
This OP's post is from June 2016. The quote below was written two months later and just east of the OP's sighting:

August 23, 2016 (4:34 pm) .

We took the “scenic” route home from the grocery store yesterday, 8/23/16 at approx 4:00pm thru the hills of Ossipee and Wolfeboro NH. It was a bright clear day as we drove along Stoddard Road when we spotted something walking along the side of the road. It was brownish and walking directly away from us. It had a long tail hanging down. At the same time I said “Look” it turned to the right to get off the road and we could see the long body, smallish head and rounded ears and long legs. He seemed not to be in any hurry.

We turned and looked at each other and both said “Mountain Lion” at the same time. This one looked like it might have been younger judging by it’s weight. It appeared to be around 80 – 95 lbs. and looked a little thin. Of course we were excited and didn’t even think of turning on a camera and it was gone within about 10 seconds.
I was on the same road Sunday, scanning for birdlife with two parties of very knowledgeable birders. The area is thinly populated with humans, so cat sightings would be expected to be scarce.

The sighting of a Bobcat on Wolfeboro Neck might explain my own sighting of a strangely-colored baby bear running away from me.

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