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Originally Posted by chasedawg View Post
My wife was walking our dog on New road in Melvin Village last year and saw a mountain lion cross the road about 200 feet in front of her. Our dog freaked out and as they turned around to walk away our dog keep looking back to where the lion crossed the road.
She stopped at Steve Berry's (taxidermist) house on Union Wharf road to tell him what she saw. He had pictures of mountain lions and she definitely said that was a mountain lion. Steve confirmed there have been sightings.
Told the F&G officials. They basically said that it probably was not a mountain lion. I was told later that if they had confirmed it that area where the lion was spotted would have to be posted as a no trespassing area. The lion is endangered and the public most not encroach in they areas where they live. Not sure if that is true or not.
Fish and game always denies their existence...and I donít know why.
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