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Arrow PTSD in Dogs Is Possible, But We DO Know Dogs Experience REM Sleep...

Originally Posted by HomeWood View Post
Fireworks in general are obnoxious and if you've seen one you've seen them all. The ones that fire them off after a reasonable hour are the ones that irk me the most.

In addition to about those suffering from PTSD? Imagine coming home from overseas with nightmares and serious issues only to hear similar sounds being created for fun at inappropriate times of the night. This is a real trigger for some.

Fireworks are legal, so carry on if you must. But a little discretion with them would be appreciated by many.
I agree but, as expected, others have different views:

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
earplugs work wonders for fun sponges.

Originally Posted by tis View Post
My dog is afraid of everything. Fireworks, loud noises, rain, wind, you name it. Give her an excuse to shake and she will. Poor little thing. It 's so sad to be so scared of everything.
You've described this "teacup" poodle here last year.

What happens if this snowflake is approached by a Chipmunk?

Originally Posted by Skip View Post
Oops...your dog. I had to read the post twice, first time through I thought you were referencing one of our more pontificating posters!
You mean, meee...?

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