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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Just remember that empathy goes both ways. I like you am very fortunate to have a place on the lake that I pretty much enjoy all year long. Eh winter is a bit more tricky but doesn't stop me. Bottom line summers bring lots of people, boat traffic, kids yelling and screaming, dogs barking, crowds, traffic jams and so on. In the fall, winter and spring nobody is around or in number so small it doesn't really matter so there is more peace and quiet. So I choose to say hey ya know there are those that try to get a years worth of enjoyment into a week or two vacation during the summer time, so long as they are not doing something so incredibly dangerous that they should be stopped let the fireworks fly, let the go fast boats have their moments of stupidly fast travel across the water, etc.. or better yet (fill in the blank) because the list of annoying things is long and very distinguished. Life is short, enjoy what you got, clearly many would kill to have a place on the water like you and I both have! This lake is here for everyone to enjoy maybe not always the way YOU would like to see it enjoyed but what makes your idea of enjoyment any better than the next guy?

The dynamics of the lake will always change if you can't accept that then it's really to bad you'll spend your life obsessed with complaining about everything that has changed since year (fill in the blank).

I am in total agreement that animals should be treated humanely, but being scared is a natural instinct that can be triggered by any number of things, both natural or manmade so it is literally impossible to prevent it from happening. Either that or I'll suggest you should be banned from taking a hike in the woods, you may scare a deer and that is both tragic and completely unnecessary!
BRAVO Maxum!!!
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