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Originally Posted by kawishiwi View Post
So...what you are saying is that no one should ever give voice, IN A FORUM, to an opinion or a complaint, but you get to give opinions & complaints about people who have opinions & complaints. What are you, 12?
I never said, nor did I imply such a thing... just gave an OPINION with which you disagree. If you read the above comments, I am not alone. If you did not get my above reference, sorry.

To be clear where "I" stand on fireworks at 1am..

My situation is, I work most every holiday/weekends, Including this weekend.. My neighbors were shooting fireworks until about 1:00 am on Sunday night.

They do this each and every holiday weekend! Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor day etc.

YES it woke me up at about 1 am last night

.... you know what though..... they are having a good time, same as I did in my youth.....

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