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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
The funny thing this entire tread illustrates is a two fold and conflicting problem that continues to fester into today's society....

1. A total and complete lack of intolerance towards (fill in the blank) to where (fill in the blank) should no longer be allowed because I don't like it. In some cases this has resulted in total and complete out of control chaos and riots - ironically many "claiming" is in the name of "tolerance".

2. A total and complete lack of courtesy towards others in regards to (fill in the blank) where (fill in the blank) may be not necessarily welcomed by others to a greater or lesser degree. Instead we have those who determine they have a God given right to do (fill in the blank) and come hell or high water nobody will stop me from doing so even right in your face.

It's sad that much of this could be solved with a little common courtesy and civility no?

And finally to APS

Are you attempting to insinuate fireworks caused the loons to sound sad or be sad or is that depressed, hmm do you think it's clinical depression? OMG what if it is! Oh the horror..... what should we do?

Had two great days on the water this weekend and last weekend fishing, close to 50 smallmouth each day and no rock bass. You really get to see a lot of the lake and what goes on on a typical weekend when you hardly use the gas motor and spend a few hours in just a couple of places. Yup! seen it all this past weekend and one before, the fast boats, the wake-board boats, the inconsiderate and inexperienced, the jet skis, the big waves and rough water from the big boats at the weirs, town docks that look like they could use some repairs, dogs barking, and the slow ride back to center harbor in the dark watching the small family shore line fireworks displays.

What a crappy place to visit! Can't wait to get back

Despite all the little things that maybe made my last 2 visits (NOT PERFECT) I still considered myself one of the luckiest people on earth just to be here.
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