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Question Consideration?

Originally Posted by Lakes Region Resident View Post
Am I alone? Is my dog the only one that becomes very scared and very nervous when others decide that it's time for junior high school behavior. Many summer weekends my dog has to endure prolonged episodes of loud juvenile fireworks while he tries to hide for cover. Oh, let's all set off expensive fireworks. Our fun is what is important. Because I may be a visitor from out of state. We can't do this at home. Let's scare the animals here until they get beyond control. Oh what fun?
Last night there were some scattered fireworks, which was unusual after several weekends without anything significant to "celebrate".

About an hour after the fireworks shut down near Libby Museum, I heard a Loon call—typically indicating she had taken flight. (I didn't know Loons flew at night, but other birds do migrate at night). After that Loon departed, I heard two other Loons calling, but their calls didn't resemble anything I've heard before. Loons already vocalize a lonesome cry, so these two sounded even more like grieving.

I have a neighbor with one dog who ran off in the dark—resulting in a two-hour search with stressed neighbors shining flashlights. Previously, that dog had reliably hidden under a bed. Tranquilizers didn't work: even deaf today, that dog still hides under a bed. With fireworks nearby, my own two Dachshunds would pace nervously, with their ears back—indicating fear.

So, you're not alone.

As to legality, was it last year that a Maine resident was killed by his own fireworks blast? A very stupid move for a young adult, but juvenile in thoughtless intent.

My long-time NY neighbor, who set off fireworks at the lake as a juvenile, is deaf today.

As fireworks leave the resultant effects of black powder ignition, is the pollution from fireworks contributing to even more Nitrogen into lake water? (And the rampant algae growth were seeing today?)

Originally Posted by Lakes Region Resident View Post
My thought is if you can't do this at home, then why is such cruelty okay here? Get a hold of yourself. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Especially, be kind to animals.
What? Have consideration while visiting the lake?

Did you know that admonition goes back to The Dead Sea Scrolls, BF...?

(Before Fireworks).

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