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California has taken a stand on the issue. In the state of California pet stores cannot sell animals. We purchased our last Poodle from a lady in Whittier, California. She treated the puppies like royalty in the house. When we were there she had a big box in the house with many Yorkies. Heat lamp to keep them warm, blankets and lots of water. She had the 3 Poodles in a age on the dining room table with water and blankets. She said she took them out several times each day, held them and played with them. The dogs were extremely happy to see her and ran around her when she took them out. The Poodles were 8 weeks old. We got 2 of them, one for our son and someone else was coming for the third. They were fun to watch, we had paper in the kitchen for them and they headed to the paper to do their business, after which we took them out. After the third time for that both puppies asked to go out.

Shut down the pet store and the mills disappear. We have rescued several puppies from pet stores over the years.
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