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Default .... is just one or two gooses, I feed!

Ok, all you loonie nit-wits....... how many Canada geese are there in Lake Winnipesaukee? ..... a lot of geese? ..... and out of all these geese, how many do i feed Cheez-its? ...... I only feed Cheez-its to two individual Canada geese....and mostly, it is just one individual that would make it one individual goose!

Starting in March 2012, and continuing now for five years in a row, the same two geese, a male-female pair have shown up to Horse Island. They fly in, in March when the lake is still icy, and leave in May with a brood of 5-7 little yellow babies, all in a line.....they paddle away....towards Sally's Gut and Weirs Beach?

The female sits on the nest, which is always in the same spot, and the male hangs out, half asleep on neighboring docks, or on a big rock, and guards the very small Horse island area from other geese, crows, and eagles. He can go from half asleep to total honking attack mode in two seconds, and mostly he drives other geese pairs away from the island.........honk-honk-honk!

How do I know it is the same geese for five years? The big male has an aluminum tag on its left leg with a six digit number stamped.....starting with a number 3. It comes by my dock looking for more Cheez-its, or waddles up the six foot high rocky embankment, and patiently waits at the top of the staircase while keeping an eye, and ear, on his mate that is sitting on the big nest full of eggs back on Horse island.....maybe 150-yards away. Sometimes, some sound like another goose will catch its attention and it goes from half asleep to a honking, attack fighter jet, fast flying goose, and it takes off in a mad honking flurry of energy and aggression....... after all, the best defense is a good offense ....whether it's invading outside geese looking for an island home, or a lone eagle looking for goose eggs. Horse Island is their island, and he will not be sharing his island......until they leave it with the newly hatched yellow baby geese.
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