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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Canada geese just love cheez-its, original style While it is probably not really possible to turn a wild Canada goose into a pet type of a Canada goose .... they really do like cheez-its.

It just takes one bite by a goose to get attached to cheez-its ...... and cheez-its will floats, plus can be thrown like a Frisbee for about 30-40 feet with one hand.

Initially the goose will probably not recognize a cheez-it as something to eat....but that quickly changes once they get a taste......must be the cheezy and salty flavor.

Canada geese develop long term male-female, same two gooses, relationships that can last for years, having up to seven or eight gosling babies born in the month of May.

A Canada goose can live for twenty years.

Bald eagles are about the same weight as a goose, and will prey on Canada goose eggs, baby goslings, and injured gooses.
Thank goodness they don't last as long as us. I was born in May and am still here after 86 years.
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